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MB&F Moves to Dubai Mall

MB&F’s third M.A.D.Gallery, operated by Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons, is now located in The Dubai Mall.

Words Mark Smith
June 1, 2018

MB&F has moved its Dubai Gallery from Alserkal Avenue in Al Quoz to The Dubai Mall.

MB&F’s M.A.D. Gallery concept offers a glimpse into the captivating universe of kinetic art where Horological Machines and Mechanical Art Devices take centre stage.

MB&F’s Dubai-based Gallery originally opened in 2016 and is now housed in The Dubai Mall.

MB&F Moves to Dubai Mall

MB&F Founder and Creator Maximilian Büsser explains the concept behind the gallery and the common thread running through the fascinating pieces in the collection:

“We saw the M.A.D.Gallery as the perfect platform to showcase our own Machines as well as other pieces of kinetic art by other creators whom we greatly admire.

Mechanical Art Devices

“MB&F create Machines that tell the time, not to tell the time. They are unique examples of mechanical horology but, more than that, they are pieces of three-dimensional kinetic art.

“The same goes for all the creators featured in the gallery: their craft transcends a practical purpose and their creations assume the status of artworks.

“Thanks to the M.A.D.Gallery, we are meeting like-minded artists operating in parallel worlds; people who think like us and share our passion for creating mechanical art,” he says.

Inside the galleries, not only will you find the complete range of MB&F’s Horological and Legacy Machines, but you’ll also discover carefully-curated pieces – or, as MB&F like to call them, Mechanical Art Devices – from around the world, each one making your heart beat that little bit faster.

MB&F Moves to Dubai Mall

MB&F’s first M.A.D. Gallery opened in Geneva in 2011, a stone’s throw from MB&F’s offices and atelier in the heart of the city’s old town.

A second M.A.D. Gallery was inaugurated in June 2014 in Taipei with the collaboration of local retail partners Swiss Prestige.

A third M.A.D. Gallery, operated by Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons, opened in Dubai in January 2016 and is now located in The Dubai Mall.

MB&F created the M.A.D. Gallery in order to situate their Horological and Legacy Machines in an appropriate context and along the way, they have discovered kindred spirits in the world of mechanical art.

Mark Smith
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